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We offer the finest, most well thought out Survival Kits on the market. Kits like the 2 PERSON GUARDIAN ELITE SURVIVAL KIT ensure that you and another can survive for 72 hours during an emergency.

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Enhance your Survival with Items For Every Need

From emergency multi-purpose whistles to squeeze powered flashlights to emergency blankets, we offer all the items you need to prepare for any situation.

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Wildfire Emergency Kit

This kit contains everything needed to help you through a Wilfire Emergency such as: Food and Water; Light and Communications; Hygiene and Sanitation; First Aid; Shelter and Warmth; Tools

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High Quality

You want to have the Highest Quality products available when confronted with an emergency. Product performance failure exacerbates the crises, not calms it. has the products you want to Enhance your Survival.

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Affordable Prices

Building your survival "savings account" does involve a financial cost. However, the least amount spent for the most value gained is the goal. will make it easy for you to accomplish this by offering you affordable prices on all our products. To make your experience one of positive growth, make a monthly deposit to your survival "savings account" by placing an order with at least once a month.

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Top Notch Service was created by a man who has spent over 30 years purchasing from suppliers selling all sorts of products to hospitals. Having been on the buyer's side all those years it became clear that sellers are there to service the buyer through teaching, solving problems, and expediting the acquisition process as needed. will always be there to provide you with a positive and rewarding experience.

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"Best idea I've ever heard...a Survival Products Savings Account! Make monthly purchases into your Survival Products Savings Account. Practice FIFO (first in, first out)"

- J. Carlton

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